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sup n00bz


3 2 1.......

coolbastard reappear!!
aaaaaaaahhhh nooooooooooo run for ur fuckin lives!!!!! D:

rels are gone!! They stayed like longer then I thought lol but was fun anyways
wellll I went clubbin tonite for some fuckin Saturday night beaver....uhhhhhh fever.....anyways the club was full of n00bz soooo here I am rock me like a hurricane babyyy

ofcourse I know already abt..all this bad shit happened in metal.....1st Higuchi gone & now Sawadas in hospital.....fuckin suxx....wellll r.i.p Higuchi & fingers crossed for Sawada.. :((

anyways....new topic....

Ok I go look at peeps blogs & then go look at porn or sth heh heh