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sup n00bz

O HAI coolbastard reappear

again lol


uhhhhhhhh been busy & shit! dunno how often I gonna be here rly but well see yeah??

Alrights lets get this shit started, Im lookin for some new coms & new friends.....so u wanna friend then friend!

I like

X JAPAN....& some other Jrock?



Kiss (got my tix already for the vegas show yeahhh)


& whatev.



Oh right, I don't think you saw my rename token post?

Edited at 2009-10-13 04:24 am (UTC)
hiiiii thanxx nice seein u again!! :DD

nope didnt see....I was like not payin attention to livejournal at all (sorry).....mmm what should I know?
Seems as though I'm remembereded!! :D :D

I got a rename token in April (I think?) and I changed my name from carlosoliveira to this here one.

Y'all can comment when you want on what you want, whether you're active on LJ or not. I'm LAX, so go pick an entry and spam like mad. I DID make a big announcement not too long ago and it was hard for me to say it.
welll that explains.....cuz I knew u by the avatar pix but the name got me confuse a little lol

now then I got it!! lol that still dont look like a shadow on his pants XD

ummmmm already I fail alittle in bein active but Ill try to comment sometime! Anyways thanxx again for the welcome back <3
I so love the lighting!! And I had to make one of his crotch. >:D One of my most popular ones. When first viewing his privates, the reaction is the same. :D

Ya can go back to any old one and reply, so that I can hopefully remember making said entry. See, I'm on antidepressants and I have severe memory loss. I think you read that, though. I can't remember. Feel free anytime to comment. :D <3