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日本語で D:

lol suddenly relatives are comin for thanksgiving.....like theyre comin in 2 hrs ahahahaha wtf?? D:


& most of em can only talk 日本語で!!

& my Japanese suxx!! D: Like ok I can translate Eizo <3 & shit likethat buuut 日本語で話す all day is D:!!

alriiiights I organize myself

1 hide the pr0n
2 日本語リハ

Srsly....prolly Im gonna talk like eizo cuz of translatin him so much

YEAH!! 皆元気かい?! オレと一緒に燃えろうぜ!! 超すんげえ〜!!

o wait I talk like that anyways lol 笑

Pfffff Im gonna put it off an hour or sth....feel like doin lj shit 1st <3


omg.. porn..




Now that Thanksgiving's over: お前元気かい?!

Some manly typing for you, to make your season bright. ;)

I'd ask if you survived your relatives, but you already messaged me about the Eizo column so I guess you did. Good!
んんん。。お前の男らしさ。。。。。。thats hott. XDDD

still fuckin alive yeah!! They aint leavin til Tues but it aint bad..gonna show em around the casinos & shit

had the same with relatives at thanksgivin. well, no japanese but spanish speakin people and my spanish is so awfully bad. XD XD XD

bt aunt Marcela took along her delicious sons. >:D it's been like 5 years ago that I met my cousins the last time...... now that they're teenagers.. mmmh <3 Enrique and Miguel..... should learn more spanish again!
lol u too yeah?? XDDD

Heyyy is Enrique legal yet? welll I dont mind Miguel either.... <3

aint much to do in Vega$ till u turn 21 but uhhh....if Enrique & Miguel want a preview when theyre 18..Im a niiiiice tourguide....>:D
Haha I bet you are! >:D

Enrique is 18 since last summer, yeah. >:D and Miguel is just one and a half year younger.

I'm so glad no one can get me into jail for my thoughts! <3~

Yeah, we should meet in Vegas! >:D I'd need some guide too you know and I'm old enough to do what I fuckin want there! >:D So...

I already see me humpin Princess Cleo in Caesar's Palace.. :D Or wait, maybe I'll dress like Princess Cleo to get humped..? Whatever..
yeah lets meet & hump!!

uhhh....I pray to hisus that Miguel gets timewarped to his 18th bday? XDDD Then u all gotta come!!
:D yah I'll help you prayin! let's lick some.. eyeballs together! <3